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How I started 

Before starting out Youtube I went to school. WOW, who would have guessed that? Ok but seriously I went to school and right after finishing it I took the “risk” to do sth on my own instead of getting a job.

Wouldnt it be awesome to do what you love all day long and also give some kind of value to others by doing that? 

I knew that’s possible – I’ve seen it so many other people do it online – so couldn’t let that chance pass! I took my drawing tablet (which I already had since I did digital art as a hobby for quite a while before), begged my parents for money to get a decent drawing program (Paint Tool Sai at that time) and started drawing all day. Shortly after, while drawing and watching Youtube videos on Phone I saw a letsplay which inspired me to do an animation to it. I “asked” my parents again and got Adobe Animate. And after 2 months of figuring stuff out and working on the video, I uploaded my first Animation on the Channel “Luhrak” on the 14th of December 2017.