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If you want you can add more stuff to your order. A normal commission is always just 1 character (except refsheet with 2 poses by default). You can add more characters with no Limit.

Instead of just having transparent, flat color or a color transition as background you can also commission a detailed drawn background.
Making your commission an adult


All the prices for additions are always calculated with the Base price. So when you add more characters or a character and a background you won’t be charged exponential amounts.




To start a commission just DM me on Twitter, Discord, Telegram or Instagram.
That’s where I’m gonna see your message the quickest and then we’ll talk it out. ^^


You can also contact me per E-Mail here:


  • Preparation: Get an Idea what to expect by looking at my art and artstyle. Also, have some references of your character and other specifics (like clothes or items).
  • Payment: via Paypal
  • Process: Shortly after payment and idea-discussion, I’ll send you a rough sketch. After you approve the sketch I’ll start finalizing the artwork. Further changes after approving the sketch are possible, but they will add an additional charge.